• Sky Grow
    Start-Up Company
    Product: Tree planting robot
    Environmental Impact: Land restoration, Planting optimization
    Planetary Boundary: Climate Change, Land Use
    Keywords: Climate change, Autonomous Ground Robot
    Description: Sky Grow is an Australian-based company that focuses on mitigating the effects of climate change by developing autonomous tree-planting robots. SkyGrow provides Robot (Growbot) Technology that makes tree planting faster, safer, and cheaper. The Growbots can be used in a multitude of terrain types and soil types, including the harder-clay soils.
  • Robots in Service of the Environment (RSE)
    Product: Animal capture submersible
    Environmental Impact: Removes invasive species
    Planetary Boundary: Biodiversity Loss
    Keywords: Biodiversity Loss, Autonomous Marine Robot, Submersible
    Description: Robots in Service of the Environment pose a solution to the loss of biodiversity within aquatic habitats. RSE specifically addresses the problem of lionfish threatening fish stock in the Atlantic Ocean. The lionfish project is an autonomous submersible that can go at depths down to 1000 feet and capture lionfish.
  • FarmWise
    Start-Up Company
    Product: Weed removal robot
    Environmental Impact: Optimized plant growth
    Planetary Boundary: Chemical Pollution 
    Keywords: Climate Change, Autonomous Ground Robot, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence
    Description: FarmWise implements ground robots to assist with farming tasks, such as seeding and weed removal. Using FarmWise removed the need to use pesticides and other chemicals for the farming process. FarmWise robots are able to collect farming data which can be sent to the farmer to help optimize agricultural processes.
    Keywords: Climate Change, Autonomous Ground Robot, Computer vision, Artificial intelligence

  • Sadako Technologies
    Product: Waste Sorting Robot
    Environmental Impact: Optimized the waste stream
    Planetary Boundary: N/A
    Keywords: Industrial Robotics, Waste Sorting, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence
    Description: Sadako Technologies uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to make waste sorting more efficient. Implementing computer vision allows the system to recognize objects in the waste stream. Artificial intelligence helps recognize what these objects are and helps record data to be used to help optimize the waste sorting process.
  • ZenRobotics
    Product: Waste Sorting Robot
    Environmental Impact: Optimized the waste stream
    Planetary Boundary: N/A
    Keywords: Industrial Robotics, Waste Sorting, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence 
    Description: ZenRobotics uses robotic technologies in order to help optimize the waste sorting process. ZenRobotics uses two different models of robotic arms to sort through the waste. The heavy picker allows for the manipulation of larger or ununiform objects while the fast picker allows for quick movement of waste.
  • Outrider
    Product: Autonomous Yard Trucks
    Environmental Impact: Decreases carbon emissions  
    Planetary Boundary: Climate Change 
    Keywords: Autonomous Ground Robot, Electric Vehicle
    Description: To decrease reliance on fossil fuels and to make freight yard operations more efficient, Outrider has created autonomous, electric-powered, zero-emission yard trucks to drive the rapid adoption of sustainable freight transportation. 
  • RanMarine
    Product: Aquatic Trash Collecting Robot 
    Environmental Impact: Decreases trash/waste in water systems 
    Planetary Boundary: Fresh Water Use
    Keywords: Autonomous Marine Robot
    Description: RanMarine uses autonomous surface vehicles (ASV) to clean aquatic environments, such as marinas, ports, harbors, and natural water bodies. These ASVs collect trash and unwanted biomass from aquatic locations and collect and report necessary data regarding the status and the health of these waterways.
  • Green City Solutions
    Start-Up Company
    Product: Air Purifier 
    Environmental Impact: Reduces the number of pollutants and toxins in the air
    Planetary Boundary: Atmospheric Particle Pollution
    Description: Green City Solutions purifies atmospheric particle pollution through the integration of moss and technology. The moss purifies the air by consuming fine dust and other pollutants, and the technology is used in order to aid the survival of the moss and is used to monitor the effectiveness of the system.
  • Biomi Tech
    Start-Up Company
    Product: Carbon Capture System
    Environmental Impact: Reduces carbon emissions 
    Planetary boundary: Climate Change
    Keywords: Carbon Capture
    Description: The Mexican company “Biomi Tech” uses synthetic trees to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. These synthetic trees are called “BioUrban” are they have the capability to remove 384 times the amount of carbon dioxide real trees can remove.


  • SagaRobotics
    Start-Up Company
    Product: Farming Assistant Robot
    Environmental Impact: Ensuring plant yield, Sustainable farming practices
    Planetary Boundary: Climate Change
    Keywords: Autonomous Ground Robots
    Description: SagaRobotics has developed a modular autonomous robot, Thorvald, that can perform UV treatment, pick fruits and vegetables, spray pesticides, and collect data to predict crop growth and yields. So far, the robot can operate in strawberry fields and grapevines. 
  • Liquid Robotics
    Product: Ocean Glider
    Environmental Impact: Captures oceanic data
    Planetary Boundary: N/A
    Keywords: Ocean Monitoring, Autonomous Marine Robot  
    Description: Liquid Robotics, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company, has developed the Wave Glider. The Wave Glider is a marine robot that sits on the surface of the water and collects oceanic data for up to a year. The Wave Glider can also deploy a winch to collect data at a depth, as well, such as subsea acoustics, water sampling, and fish tracking. 
  • Clear Blue Sea
    Product: Trash Collecting Robot
    Environmental Impact: Reduce trash or waste in the ocean
    Planetary Boundary: N/A
    Keywords: Ocean Cleaning, Marine Debris, Autonomous Marine Robot 
    Clear Blue Sea is committed to innovating robotic solutions for removing plastic pollution from our water sources. The organization’s current solution, a Floating Robot for Eliminating Debris (FRED), has four prototypes to date. This aquatic robot collects marine waste with brooms, a conveyer belt, and a collection bin. The collected waste, upon the robot’s return to shore, gets sent to recycling centers for reuse.
  • IADYS (Interactive Autonomous DYnamic Systems) 
    Start-up Company
    Product: Trash Collecting Robot 
    Environmental Impact: Remove trash and hydrocarbons from water sources 
    Planetary Boundary: Chemical Pollution
    Keywords: Ocean Cleaning, Marine Debris, Autonomous Marine Robot
    Description: The French start-up IADYS (Interactive Autonomous DYnamic Systems) has developed Jellyfishbot: a remote-controlled, electric-powered, trash-collecting robot that has been deployed in 15 French ports, removing plastic bags, bottles, and other debris from narrow and otherwise unreachable nooks in harbors where waste tends to accumulate.
  • Botlink
    Product: Air Quality Drone
    Environmental Impact: Records air pollution
    Keywords: Chemical Pollution, Atmospheric Particle Pollution, Autonomous Aerial Robot, Drone 
    Description: The Botlink air quality monitoring drone is designed for mapping pollution gases and particulates. There are multiple applications for measuring the pollution content of ambient air, including urban air quality networks, industrial emission monitoring, safety monitoring, roadside monitoring, and air quality research.
  • Scentroid
    Product: Data Recording Drone
    Environmental Impact: Records state of air quality
    Planetary Boundary: Atmospheric Particle Pollution
    Keywords: Chemical Pollution, Autonomous Aerial Robot, Drones 
    Description: The Scentroid DR1000 & DR2000 Drone-Based Air Quality Analyzer provides a robust platform to conduct air sample collection, aerial thermal inspection, and air quality measurement for a wide range of applications including monitoring of Fugitive emission; Flare emission; Leak detection along oil pipelines; Landfill methane and odor emission.

  • Openoceanrobotics
    Start-up Company
    Product: Ocean Drone
    Environmental Impact: Captures oceanic data
    Planetary Boundary: N/A
    Keywords: Ocean Monitoring, Autonomous Marine Robot
    Description: Openoceanrobotics USVs (Uncrewed or Unmanned Surface Vehicles) are also equipped with sensors, cameras, and communication devices so that they can capture information from anywhere on the ocean and have instant access to it. Harvesting energy from the sun, these boats travel nonstop for months, without producing any greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution, or risk of oil spills. These boats can monitor oil spills, detect intentional dumping, and aid in the cleanup effort.