Industrial Robotics

  • Developing an Intelligent Waste Sorting System with Robotic Arm: A Step towards Green Environment
    IEEE International Conference on Innovation in Engineering and Technology, December 2018
    Product: Waste Sorting Robot
    Environmental Impact: Increase efficiency during the waste sorting process
    Planetary Boundary: N/A
    Keywords: Robotic waste sorting; Waste management system; Waste categorization; Chemical pollution; Industrial robotics; Preventive solution
    Description: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be used to improve waste management and sorting, with preliminary results of an experiment in Bangladesh yielding an 82% accuracy rate in categorizing and sorting 11 objects of separate types and sizes.

  • Aspects Concerning the Optimal Development of Robotic Systems Architecture for Waste Sorting Tasks
    IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 2018
    Product: Waste Sorting Robot
    Environmental Impact: Help streamline waste sorting processes 
    Planetary Boundary: N/A
    Keywords: Autonomous machine vision-based system, Robotic waste sorting, Chemical pollution, Industrial robotics, Preventive solution
    Description: Robotics combined with advanced recognition software is expected to significantly increase the sorting efficiency of some waste streams and replace or complement the labor in manual sorting. This paper discusses the optimal performance criteria of these robotic systems and findings based on an optimization algorithm for the best system architecture.

  • Robotic Pick-and-Toss Facilitates Urban Waste Sorting
    IEEE 16th International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), August 2020
    Product: Waste Sorting Robot
    Environmental Impact: Increases the efficiency of waste sorting
    Planetary Boundary: N/A
    Keywords: Waste handling; Waste management system; Waste Sorting; Pick-and-place process; Pick-and-toss approach; Chemical pollution; Industrial robotics; Preventive solution
    Description: Delta robots, or “pick and toss” robots may be able to replace the traditional “pick and place” robots that are currently used with waste sorting. This study compared the two sorting methods in both simulation and reality using an ABB-IRB360 Delta robot and found that the Delta robot sorted items more quickly than the pick-and-place system.