Freshwater Use

  • Robotic Detection of Marine Litter Using Deep Visual Detection Models
    IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, May 2019
    Product: Oceanic Trash Collecting Robot 
    Environmental Impact: Reducing oceanic trach 
    Planetary Boundary: Freshwater Use
    Keywords: Marine litter, Underwater trash removal, robotic detection, AUV, Freshwater Use, Marine Robotics, Preventive Solution
    Description: Using autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to locate and remove marine trash may reduce oceanic pollution. This paper evaluates deep-learning algorithms put to the task of detecting trash in underwater environments. The paper provides insights into approaches for future trash removal AUVs.

  • Robotic Environmental DNA Bio-Surveillance of Freshwater Health
    Scientific Report Journal
    , September 2020
    Product: Water Sampling Robot
    Environmental Impact: Monitoring the levels of biochemicals in the water 
    Planetary Boundary: Ocean Acidification, Freshwater Use 
    Keywords: Ocean monitoring, Marine environment, Oceanic data collection, Water samples, Freshwater Use, Marine Robotics, Autonomous underwater vehicle, Preventive solution
    Description: Autonomous water sampling technologies could help to monitor biological threats to freshwater ecosystems as well as filter and preserve the captured material once identified. Originally adapted from a marine environmental sample processor (ESP), this experiment found that this device was as effective as manual sampling methods.