Biochemical Flows

  • ­A Farmer-Assistant Robot for Nitrogen Fertilizing Management of Greenhouse Crops
    Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Journal, June 2017
    Product: Nitrogen Fertilization Robot
    Environmental Impact: Improve nitrogen fertilization efficiency in greenhouse crops
    Planetary Boundary: Biochemical Flows 
    Keywords: Autonomous machine vision-based system, Nitrogen fertilizing management, Image processing, Image textural features, Biochemical flows, Chemical pollution, Ground robotics, Preventive solution
    Description: This autonomous robotic system was developed for precise nitrogen fertilization for greenhouse crops (e.g. tomatoes, lettuce, peppers). The system was tested using a machine vision-based scenario and was found to be able to decrease the crops’ nitrogen fertilizer consumption by about 18%.

  • Automated Robotic Assay of Phosphomonoesterase Activity in Soils
    Soil Science Society of America Journal, 01 March 2006
    Product: Automated Testing Robot
    Environmental Impact: Monitoring and recording chemicals within the soil
    Planetary Boundary: Biochemical Flows
    Keywords: Zymark XP laboratory robotic system, Phosphomonoesterase measurement, Biochemical Flows, Ground robotics, Preventive solution
    Description: This study found that using a robotic system for measuring phosphomonoesterase activity in soils differing in physical and chemical characteristics was comparable in both accuracy and precision to manual procedures, yet the robotic system resulted in considerable savings in cost and labor.